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Sport Field

Sporturf, member of the Synthetic Turf Council, offers you the best quality when it comes to synthetic turf. Whether it is for multi-use fields or even professional ones, we have a broad range of 100% USA-made synthetic turf products for you to choose what will best suit your field. Personalize it by choosing different colors and the logo that best defines your project.

We have dedicated ourselves to developing the best synthetic turf, always improving our quality by using the best technologies, continually putting safety and efficiency first, which has also helped create the most natural-looking, versatile, reliable synthetic turf in the world. Perfect for any type of sports field: from Baseball, Soccer, Football, to Golf and Tennis.

With over 20 years worth of turf fields manufactured and installed, we know how to make the right product for you. Let Sporturf show you what we can do.


Synthetic Turf 360°

A Guide for Today’s Synthetic Turf

  • Baseball / SoftballOpen or Close

    Sporturf® is here to provide a wide range of synthetic turf systems both for playing surfaces as well as practice areas.  Whether it is the actual fields, the home plate mats, or complete batting cage systems. We are here to support the wide range of needs that your school or community recreational department requires to improve playability in your business, school or recreational park areas.

    We carry a wide range of exclusive synthetic turf in different colors and special heights for baseball and softball. If you don’t know what type of turf system is the most appropriate for your project, we’ll gladly help you. Call us and we’ll develop some concepts and send you a quote, without any commitments.

    We guarantee the products we offer are of exceptional quality at a great price.

  • Field HockeyOpen or Close

    We know the importance of sport practice among young people, that’s why we produce high quality products focusing on making sure these activities are conducted in first class facilities that have the necessary measures to make the game safe and fun.

    With Sporturf’s synthetic grass, you can be sure you have made the best investment for your hockey field; the turf on your field will look natural, you will get a minimum 6-year warranty against UV rays, your grass will have greater durability than any other surface and you won’t have to worry about the expensive water bill. 

  • FootballOpen or Close

    Maintaining the beautiful and performance of your football court can translate into very high maintenance costs and water bills.  Installing a synthetic turf field is your best option to start saving money. Sporturf can deliver a higher performing option to natural grass and give your community an edge over the competition.

    Sporturf is committed to providing you and your athletes a sport experience that will take them to a higher level in their games and trainings.  We have an exclusive series of synthetic turf for sports use, which, like our other products, have the 9001 certification quality by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

    Need to personalize your field; we have the ability to incorporate your own logo right into the playing surface.  Our experts will help you choose the synthetic grass ideal for your type of project and budget. 

  • Indoor Soccer / Arena SoccerOpen or Close

    Indoor soccer, also known as Arena Soccer, is a growing market in the United States and abroad.  These specialty indoor facilities all require synthetic turf and we have developed some of the most innovative and advanced systems in the world.  Our goal is to provide a realistic playing surface regardless of whether it is infilled or non-infilled.  The key is meeting your individual performance needs and we are here to do just that.  At Sporturf you can rest assure that you will find the right synthetic turf at the highest quality for your game.

    When you need a practice or play field that is ready to go 24/7, our synthetic turf can enhance any type of arena. Sporturf has manufactures over 900 indoor sports facilities around the world.  We have the ability to create any type of indoor field for every type of sport. Let us help you build your dream arena field system.

  • LacrosseOpen or Close

    Sporturf gives you the best quality products for your Lacrosse field. We have designed a series of synthetic grass ideal for the intensity of play that this sport requires, focusing on reducing the risk of injury significantly.

    As you may know, playing sports provides many benefits to our health; Sporturf makes sure the area where you practice your favorite sport is not an obstacle. We are constantly innovating our products to meet your highest demands for your Lacrosse game to take place in a suitable and safe environment.

  • SoccerOpen or Close

    One of the fastest growing sports in the world is soccer (football).  This is no exception in the US or Latin America.  At Sporturf we have worked for years developing and delivering the very latest technology for the ultimate playing surface.  Our goal is not to just provide a synthetic surface that resembles natural grass, our goal is to deliver a better turf system that offers a more consistent overall system to make the game even better and can be enjoyed 24/7. Using the latest developments in synthetic turf technology, we create fields that are designed to hold up under constant play while being safer for athletes.

    At Sporturf we take pride in our manufacturing and technical capabilities.  We are proud of our 35 year heritage and please that we are recognized by ISO in the form of ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.  We are also a proud Founding Member of the Synthetic Turf Council and have full STC certification as well.  If you have a soccer field or you are planning to install one, we invite you to see the many projects we have done in the past.  Our quality and experience will speak for itself.

  • Tennis / PadelOpen or Close

    Sporturf has been compromised for over 35 years to offer you the best quality in our products and services. We guarantee you will find a wide range of synthetic grass with different specifications, making it easy to find the ideal one for your tennis court.

    Get to know our products; you will not regret choosing Sporturf, the highest quality synthetic turf worldwide, thousands of projects and satisfied clients throughout Southern California and South America support us.


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